‘Help Me Mama!’ Body Cam Shows Cops Mistake Autism for Drug...

Disturbing body camera footage has been released showing two police officer choke and taser an autistic teen after mistaking his mental disability for drug use.

WATCH: Cops Flip Coin to Decide on Jailing Woman for Speeding,...

Two cops targeted a young woman for revenue collection for speeding. However, they then played a coin flip game to decide on arresting her.

WATCH: “I Kill Muthafu**ers!” Chicago Cop Candidly Describes His Police Duties

A Chicago police officer was caught on film bragging about killing people as he harassed innocent kids for filming.

WATCH: Innocent Woman Screams for Help as Police Drag Her Through...

Disturbing video footage of a Tempe police officer dragging an innocent woman through the street by her handcuffs has sparked outrage online.

WATCH: Philly Cops Attack and Arrest Black Teen for Selling Bottled...

A group of black teenagers was forcefully arrested after they were reported to the police for selling bottled water on a hot day.

WATCH: Neighborhood Activist Kicks Out Undercover Cop Who Is Extorting Drivers

An undercover police officer was called out by a neighborhood activist for attempting to extort citizens by running radar in an unmarked patrol car.

WATCH: Grandmother Arrested While Trying to Deliver Toys to Children

While attempting to deliver toys and books to children detained in an immigration shelter, a grandmother was arrested and brought to jail.

WATCH: Cop Holds Small Man Down As His Partner Smashes in...

A graphic video has sparked outrage after it showed Austin police hold a man down and senselessly beat him.

WATCH: Cops Beat, Arrest Innocent PhD Student, Accusing Him of Stealing...

An innocent PhD student is speaking out after police wrongfully stopped him, beat him, and arrested him for stealing a car. It was his own car.

WATCH: Cops Shoot, Kill ‘Good Samaritan’ Father and Veteran for Trying...

A beloved father and U.S. Navy veteran was mercilessly shot and killed by police while he was acting as a "good Samaritan" and trying to break up a fight.